How to Use a New Hard Drive for PS4

It will be 800MB or more to download but is the complete software, not just an update. If the file is much smaller it’s the wrong one and won’t work. Move the downloaded file (named PS4UPDATE.PUP) to the UPDATE folder on the drive and you’re ready to install it on the console. Reattach all of the leads into the rear of the PS4, plug your USB drive into the front and attach a DualShock 4 controller via its own USB cable. Then press the on switch on the front of the machine for seven seconds or longer.

The small 500GB capacity is not enough

  • It comes in full 1TB trim and, by utilising a small portion of solid state storage in conjunction with its more traditional spinning platters, it’s capable of delivering a tangible performance boost too.
  • The easy part though is choosing a drive.
  • You can sometimes even get it for about the same price as a 1TB 5400RPM HDD if you catch it on sale.
  • The first thing to do is to buy your replacement hard drive.
  • That means even if you’re upgrading a newer 1TB version of the PS4 you’re still getting faster boot times even if you’re not getting any extra capacity.
  • The PS4 uses a 2.5-inch SATA HDD, the type of which you’ll find in a laptop.
  • If you want more space, you can grab a 2TB 5400RPM drive like the Samsung ST2000LM003; the mostly small speed difference between a 5400RPM and a 7200RPM drive makes sacrificing extra seconds of your time to gain more space acceptable.
  • The PS4 uses a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive, the kind generally used in laptops or super-slim external drives rather than desktop computers.

If load time performance is more important to you than capacity then a solid state drive is your best bet for speedy storage. However, not any old 2.5-inch drive will work.

the easy way for upgrading PS4 hard drive

Installing the PS4 operating System

As you can see from the chart above, opting for a hybrid drive (SSHD) or a solid-state drive (SSD) doesn’t make much sense. When it comes to installing the operating system of PS4 on the new hard drive, you have to bear in mind that the hard drive of PS4 enables for you this feature in order to swap the stock drive of PS4. It also needs to be under 9.5mm tall thanks to the size of the caddy that lives inside the PS4, which protects the drive and keeping it in place. And right now Samsung has pretty much got the SSD market sewn up, providing some of the quickest, most reliable and affordable options around. To fit the PS4 it will need to be no greater than 9.5mm in depth or it will be too big for the hard drive enclosure drawer. In our tests, the Travelstar 7K1000 offered performance on par with the two hybrid SSHDs we tried (and in one case, did much better). It also posted speeds only slightly worse than SSDs that cost a lot more.

Make sure the USB cable is connected properly

This does prove to be a little limiting as, at the time of writing at least, lots of 2TB hard drives are a shade too chunky. The Samsung 850 EVO is a great choice and you can pick up a 500GB version of the drive for a decent price right now. There are some out there that will meet the specifications, at around the £100 mark, but to be on the safe side we opted for a Western Digital WD10JPVX – one of the company’s 5400RPM Blue drives with a 7mm depth which fits nicely. Yes, you must have an external storage device if you are going through replacing the stock drive of PS4. Sure, the can load GTA V a whole fourteen seconds faster than the Travelstar, but you’re not getting enough of a performance bump to justify the extra dough. To stick on the safe side, we used a Western Digital 1TB drive, which gets you double the storage of the standard 500GB hard drive without busting any seams.

how to remove the stock hard drive outside the box

Formatting the new hard drive for PS4

Though for the ultimate PS4 hard drive upgrade you can also pick up a massive 2TB version of the Samsung 850 EVO. It’s SATA III and therefore capable of speeds up to 6Gbps but sadly as the PS4 is only SATA II capable, it will only work at the console’s limit of 3Gbps. The storage capacity of PS4 console doesn’t impress many fanboys who wish to have a larger space for their favorite games and movies. That’s particularly true if you want to increase your PS4’s storage space—it’s already an extra $165 more than the Travelstar to get a 500GB SSD; if you want a 1TB SSD, that’ll set you back almost $400 more. This is also the budget buyer’s choice, as you’ll find suitable 1TB hard drives for around £45-50 (about US$69-77, AU$88-98) while 2TB ones, funnily enough, cost almost double the price.

Avoid bad sectors

You don’t have to spend a fortune if you want to upgrade your PlayStation 4’s hard drive, especially if you’re moving from one of the 500GB models. The main reason to opt for the WD Blue though is that it can be sourced fairly cheaply (around £50 on, down from an original retail price of around £80). Plus, we’ve had a lot of WD drives in kit over the years and always found them reliable. So the bottom line is that if you happen to have a suitably large SSD lying around, don’t ignore it in favor of buying a 7K1000—it’ll work just fine. You’ll also see an ‘rpm’ figure when shopping for hard drives. The HGST 7K1000 comes with a 1TB capacity for a great price and is a touch quicker than the pedestrian 5,400RPM model the PS4 ships with. Some have also suggested SSD equivalents, which ramp up load speeds dramatically, but can be prohibitively expensive if you’re trying to increase storage rather than shrink it.

choose a suitable screwdriver for opening PS4 box

Verifying restored data

However, buying one specifically for use in your PS4 is overkill. This stands for revolutions per minute and is a rough guideline of a drive’s speed. Samsung doesn’t just make great SSDs, it’s also got a great-value 2TB traditional hard drive as well. As previously mentioned, installing a PS4 hard drive is a lot more time consuming than increasing the storage of an Xbox One. A 7200RPM mechanical drive does the job practically just as well for a lot less cash. You then need to download the latest system software file from Sony and be wary of following some links on the PlayStation site as they can send you to earlier versions that won’t work (you’ll just get an error message when trying to install).When we performed our upgrade the PS4 required system software version 2.30 which we found here at, but now you can get system software 3.50.


Most models out there are 5400rpm, just like the standard PS4 hard drive. The M9T comes with a huge capacity, doubling the storage space for even the largest off-the-shelf version of the PS4. In that case it was almost as simple as plugging in an external drive. What concerns me about the Only 2TB 2.5 HDD available for the PS4 is it’s manufactured by Seagate. If you want to see real improvement in load speeds you need to look for a 7200rpm drive.